A cowboy?


Representative of rugged individualism, freedom without constraint from overarching and distant laws or powers, and tied to industry and Western expansion the cowboy has a place in our mythos. Simply, in a world reduced to binaries, the cowboy is a loaded image with which to lead off a new publication.

Here, in the footprint of Fort Victoria, an aspect of that binary is playing-out through contemporary political movements such as the Peoples’ Assembly of Victoria, Idle No More, and the Indigenous Nationhood Movement. And, although Vancouver Island was colonised under a model that did not permit the cowboy lifestyle per se, the cowboy mentality vis-à-vis Indigenous Peoples exists. We are the cowboy.

In the coming issues of Analogue I hope to add a series of pieces on the history of the occupation of Victoria and Vancouver Island, and on the history of the colonisation of BC. My hope is to add to a conversation about our relationships with the social and political history of this area and work to develop ways of acting and creating that contribute to an ethic of decolonisation. In this way, what will be offered will be a critical history of the present through an examination of past and present representations of ourselves and our imaginaries of others.


words by Marc Pinkoski

art by Freya Zazu

analogue Dec 2013 cover art by Paul Henry Oppers

Marc Pinkoski