About Us

contemporary nostalgia

With one foot in the past and one firmly planted in the present, analogue magazine is at once current and timeless. It’s a magazine for lovers of the tangible; who want more from life than the fleeting moments on an online newsfeed. analogue offers a snapshot of contemporary Victorian arts and culture, contrasted and complimented by stories of how we got here.

analogue magazine

analogue’s flagship bi-monthly magazine is sold at more than 25 outlets across Victoria, BC. A first-run printing of 300 copies makes each issue highly sought after by its loyal and quickly growing readership.

Aimed at 18-70 year-olds who love to read, have broad interests and an affinity for print media, analogue has a vast scope and a wide reach. Our main focus is contemporary arts and culture in Victoria, BC; music, theatre, visual and literary arts, dance, film, artisans, makers, doers and thinkers.

analogy one-sheet

A monthly quick-read featuring interactive content, event previews/reviews, local comics, comprehensive events listings, and local advertising. This double-sided 11 x 17 is distributed in restaurants, coffee shops, retail boutiques, hair salons, autobody shops and more throughout the Victoria area. We are currently printing 1,000 copies monthly and are hoping to expand the circulation and the frequency of publication as the business grows.


The unlimited capacity of the web offers analogue a chance to expand on the content offered in the flagship magazine and the one-sheet, without the restrictions of page space. Photo galleries, mix tapes, long-form features and extensive local events listings will find their home online.


Submission Guidelines


Each bi-monthly issue of analogue magazine covers music, theatre, visual arts, literary arts, artisans, makers, doers and thinkers in Victoria, BC. We offer a snapshot of contemporary Victorian arts and culture.


We accept all forms of submissions, solicited or not. We review every submission we receive, but only have room to print a select few based on the work’s ability to provide some insight on contemporary Victorian arts and culture. If we can convey the essence and artistic merit of the project on printed-paper or on this website, we will work with you to publish your submission. Due to the volume of submissions, response times vary. We prefer email submissions, but are open to analogue formats as well.


email submissions to:



mail submissions to:

3914 St. Peter’s Rd, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8P 2J8.

  • Please include a stamped envelope if you’d like your submission returned.




We buy first world-wide rights and limited, non-exclusive digital rights. The contributors reserve all rights and retain copyright to their work after publication.




Read past issues of analogue magazine to get an idea of the tone. We are non-traditional and expect that submissions be as well.


If you have an idea to pitch, please include links to past work and a short bio in your email to maryellen@analoguemag.ca.



If you’d like your work reviewed by someone at analogue magazine, please email maryellen@analoguemag.ca or mail your hard copy music or book to the above address.