AS APRIL BEGINS and we move firmly into the spring season, the theme of

resurrection is in the air — and in the stars, too. The unifying power of the Sun joins forces

with rebellious Uranus and warlike Mars to challenge the God of death, Pluto, located in

Capricorn, the sign of worldly power. It is as if the stars are calling for a renewal of political

and economic order this month, and Neptune in Pisces is assisting by opening up new

pathways of spiritual resurrection.

This is a time for a renewal of our spiritual selves, as well as renewal of the natural world.

But we would do well to recognize that all renewals must be built on some foundation,

and whatever we erect this season must have grown from something we chose in colder,

darker times. Thus the question we pose to all the signs regards the foundation of their

own personal spring: Which erection will become your resurrection?


This is to be a post-humanist Easter season.

The authorities may wish to sacrifice the old goat to the old gods, but you won’t have it. Overthrow the old and resurrect your own robo-Jesus replacement force. Your own will can be your messiah.


There is a time in every young warriors life when they must ask themselves if they are fighting for the love of the fatherland or the expansion of the royal domain? With Mars and Venus in Taurus your loyalties should be explicit. Will you resurrect the nation or the empire?


Your chatter may have the best of intentions, but that doesn’t mean your plans will work out well for everyone involved.

Talk about resurrecting utopia is all well and good, but what if it turns out that nobody likes each other?


There will be a clash of resurrections this season. In a contest between erections, absence is just impotence.

The absence of drama in your life is exactly the problem of its presence.



Don’t get into any contests with authority or allow others to challenge your authority. There are too many blades swinging and guillotines dropping for that. Just be yourself and be careful.


If born on the side of the bad king facing dethronement, what are you supposed to do? Leverage your assets for a role in the new order? Stand by your commander in chief during the dissolution of his realm? You’re not the ‘frontline’ type.


An irruption of resurrections need not bother you. You have this simple math for such times:

All difference is equal, or all difference is various iterations of the singularity.


All resurrections are Scorpion moments. In such a proliferation of deaths, is it a feast or a famine? Who feasts in a time of famine? Only death himself. Will you gorge or die hungry? Your uniqueness this month lies in how ubiquitous your usual attitude is among others.


Saturn is offering you new resources to realize your visions. Make use of strategic foresight rather than merely provocative speculation. The old Gods? Ha!

Use prudence and velocity together to take you to the stars! Resurrect yourself, or lose it all.


You know that all the talk and action of this spring means nothing; just more mediocre jobs and troubled relationships for yourself and everyone else.

All this talk of resurrection, erection, joy and rebirths of spring is just whimsy.


Forget about resurrecting that stupid thought experiment: ‘If an alien came down to

Earth, how would they think of our…”

Instead consider this one: If you found yourself on an alien planet, would you resurrect human science for the alien world, or would you just believe whatever the aliens tell you?


All this talk of resurrection seems a bit too religious.

You know it is spirituality itself that is to be re-birthed. As the oldest soul, born and died a thousand times over, these zealots don’t see the magic of resurrection: its banality. That will be your gift to the world this season.



By the Victoria Horological Society