August 2015 Horoscopes


This month the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Leo, and it may appear that rivals are everywhere. How you react to rivals depends on your will: Choose your friends and enemies; don’t let them be chosen for you. Create them as an expression of your will. This month wills are going to change in every sense of the term, and with them friends and enemies — you may wish to put an estate lawyer in your iPhone contact list. The story of the planetary transits occurring this BBQ season can be told as a three-act allegory of your August family reunion. Act 1: Mercury in Cancer Trines Saturn. Your manipulative uncle finds opportunity, in family gossip, to undermine the regal head of your family. Act 2: Venus in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio. This savvy uncle influences sibling rivalries to ruin the event, strategically playing the gossip of Gemini relatives with the action of their Aries-kin. The disruption of family harmony becomes a real transformation, the death of a natural successor in the family gives birth to a new form of familial relation in Act 3: Sun in Leo Squares Pluto in Capricorn. New kinship lines can now be drawn.


Aries  >  Your natural impetuosity may garner you more than you bargained for this summer. Be careful in all your haggling to get exactly what you want, and that you do not pay more than you can afford. Sure, maybe you only live once, but it doesn’t have to be such a short life. Take precautions! Death offers no refunds, and neither does your partner’s uterus.

Taurus  >  In the three act play of this summer, you are the loser. On the one hand, there is a danger of bad fortune falling upon you. On the other hand, your own behaviours will likely not be helping you. You will try to hold on to things and people too long, and your protective nature will drive you to obsess with what you have, what you’ve had, and what you covet. Be prepared to move on this month, or else you will hold too much pain and passion causing things around you to die.

Gemini  >  This month you talk and talk and talk. You have more to say. How can more talk solve the problem of too much talk? To stay in the family, try staying quiet before you have talked yourself out of all relations, and your family inheritance.

Cancer  >  As Mars in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries, your passive aggressiveness confronts relatives expressing themselves with sincerity, speed and precision. This repression-expression renders you futile in affecting wills. Is that OK?

Leo  >  This season the sun returns to your sign and calls for real self-sacrifice. It’s not important who your friends or enemies are. It’s your self-image as one or the other that really matters, right? Lay yourself down upon the altar, hot with anticipation for the sweet kiss of the knife.

Virgo  >  This month you are the key to our cosmos: it is you that plays the lead role as saviour or destroyer of your kin. Unlike all other signs this month, you have no rivals in the strict sense. But everyone else is vying to direct or possess that which you hold close to your heart. There is no time to play new favourites or rehash old prejudices; instead, recoil, secure, guard, protect, and posture with threat, and always retain your hyper-critical vigilance against a barren future. Beware of false uncles.

Libra  >  At what point does self-harm occur due to an inability or refusal to speak up when violence is done towards others? You know crying wolf is both appreciated and appropriate when there really is one. The future for all is at stake, and instead of following your usual method — pointing out markers of concord for others, while floating away in an ocean of pacificity your; this time open your mouth and invoke the siren’s wail, the banshee’s scream, and the Valkyrie’s cry. You have it within you, and it is finally necessary, so cry. The blood pooled on your lips is now visible, and by the end of this month everyone will know that this occurred only because you kept your lips tightly sealed.

Scorpio  >  Whether we’ve read Shakespeare or seen the Lion King, we know about the problems of zealous and desirous uncles causing problems at the family picnic. Knowing where to delineate your friends and enemies here is clear and your no-nonsense approach is needed at this time. Once again, cut the pride from below and bring your putrid change to the fore.

Sagittarius  >  Given that engaging in rivalries is naturally so enjoyable for you, this month your cheeks should be sore from grinning so much. What a great moment to find yourself in, a time when everyone is also interested in placing odds on speculative outcomes, on fixing bets between potential combatants, and in believing the algorithms you create just for them. They may have the power of command, force, or persuasion, but you will always triumph with your natural instinct, luck, chance, and fortune. The testing period is finally over, no more simulacrum — the real work must be released and the dream begins. Remember, everything is a potential specimen in a mad scientist’s playground.

Capricorn  >  Climb, climb, climb the mountain. This year you may be invited and re-introduced to the family gathering, but once again you are not ready for the kind of relations that will permit new kinship. This is okay, of course, because your journey is of the long duree and requires an unyielding focus on your own idiosyncratic project. Did somebody say “climb” the hill?

Aquarius  >  You think rivalry is a good thing. Competition and struggle is what drives evolution, right? What if competition is not natural at all? It is an arbitrary premise of violence, of one against all. Who approaches relations this way?

Pisces  >  Now is a time when you will make progress in searching for answers to the metaphysical problems that trouble you. What is rivalry? What is kinship? How do these relations form and transform over time? This month is a time when many will be testing their will to see what it can do. What can your will do? Do you even have a will, or do you just have a way? Wallow publicly on your problems this month to find the metaphysical answers you might have been searching for.

Horoscope by: The Victoria Horological Society for the Science of the Science 
of the Different Zodiac signs through the Science of Horology