Ehren Salazar: Getting Carr-ied Away

Album art for Roger Dean Young & The Tin Sea's Wrought Iron Will, by Ehren Salazar. 2016.
Album art for Roger Dean Young & The Tin Sea's Wrought Iron Will, by Ehren Salazar. 2016.

If you’re a regular at the downtown public library, you may have come across local artist Ehren Salazar —although, you may not have noticed him with his head buried deep in a book.
“I’ve been going to the library a lot lately, studying perspective drawing. I must have taken out a dozen books,” says Salazar, who moved to James Bay from Vancouver in 2013.
“Right now, I’m reading a lot about Emily Carr. These are her old stomping grounds,” says Salazar, as we enjoy a coffee and donut at Discovery on Menzies. “This area was her family’s farm.”
Feeling inspired, Salazar has created a collection of new works in graphite for his first show at Dales Gallery alongside fellow local artist GJ Pearson: Public Notice of Graphic Blandishments.
Rounding out Salazar’s new work is a portrait of Emily Carr. You can find more of his work on the front and back covers of the Feb/March 2016 issue of analogue magazine.
Salazar spent six years running Little Mountain Gallery on Vancouver’s Main Street, where he was born and raised. He will be returning to live in Vancouver in the spring, but Victoria and Carr will both have a lasting impression on Salazar.EMILY_CARR-11x14_2016_ECS-Analogue
He spent his time in Victoria living as a full-time artist, clocking countless hours in his studio, tucked inside an old warehouse in North Park.  Salazar often draws and paints into the morning hours, and neighbours find him painting outside on warmer days. He’s made a lot of friends in the neighbourhood who will be sad to see him go.
Salazar enjoys creating murals and other pieces of public art.
“My first show was at the Victoria Emerging Art Gallery, so I only feel that it’s fitting to bookend my time here with another show,” says Salazar.
Public Notice of Graphic Blandishments: New Works in Graphite by Ehren Salazar and GJ Pearson runs Feb. 4-March 2 at Dales Gallery and Framing Studio (537 Fisgard). Opening Reception is Thurs., Feb. 4, 6-9pm.

If you like to draw, Dales Gallery is offering a chance to practice your skills in a fun atmosphere. Bring your pencils and sketchbooks to weekly drawing socials Feb. 7, 14, 21 and 28 from 1-4pm. Refreshments and some supplies provided. Ehren Salazar and GJ Pearson will both be in attendance. Secret knowledge freely shared.

Dales is open Tues-Fri, 10am-5pm, Sat/Sun, noon-5pm. Closed Mondays.

Salazar also created the album art for Vancouver musician Roger Dean Young & The Tin Sea’s new album Wrought Iron Will.


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