Exercise in Simile: Terra Alta Almodi Petit 2001


Terra Alta Almodi Petit 2001
(34% Syrah; 28% Garnacha; 20% Carignan; 18% Merlot)

ABV: 14.5%

Price: $16.00

Nose: Uriney, with hints of expensive glue, sour cherry, and soggy river reed. Not a hint of freshly-laundered flax.  More perverse than decadent.

Taste: Tastes like the sound of a troubled trombone tuning up.  Notes of a rusty kettle boiling water in the greasy pepper closet of a curling club.  Like a long bus ride: boozy, burpy, gritty.

Body: Nasally and tooth-watering—my tongue sticks to the roof of my nose. Like drinking cough syrup, orange juice, and phlegm. Refurbished cotton swabs.

Notes: The label description contains an obscure promise. I quote verbatim: “It does show a covered cherry colour, with some purple hints intense aroma to red fruits and spicy tinges. In the mouth it is round and velvety, it remains red fruits jam.”
Does it? Really?


review by Scott Lansdowne