Footwear and Desire: What your Shoes Say About You


Do you ever wonder what your sexual currency rate is at? Sure you’re serious about life goals, you have studied and worked hard at being the best version of yourself, but even if you are unaware, your outward appearance says a lot about who you are.  This column offers practical advice as to how we can increase the going rate of our sexual currencies.

We present ourselves to the world every day and the way we dress can enhance our sense of self worth. Even those who claim not to care about what other people think can make small changes which have the potential to change the way people respond to them for the better.  Footwear is a natural first step: one’s choice of footwear can make or break a first date or job interview.  Even in our laid-back, sleepy little city by the sea, keeping up appearances is important.

I recently saw a drama series which documented one night in the dating lives of ten people at a Manhattan bar. The show was only mildly entertaining, but I managed to glean a shoe related dating nugget, so all was not lost.  I learned that in Manhattan, guys should avoid girls who wear flats to the bar as these women tire easily and often will convince their friends to go home early… alone.  If this were the case in Victoria, no one will be getting laid; the Manhattan rule simply does not apply in our pedestrian friendly city.

This Manhattan Footwear Rule got me wondering about the state of footwear in Victoria since we have so many shoe stores, and three girls for every guy. I recently asked some local women the question: What are the messages Victorian’s send with their footwear?

Kitten heels: Well aren’t you just too cute.  You don’t want your feet to be sore, but still want to look dressed up.  Kitten Heels’ cruel elder cousin, Stiletto, may be tempting, but she is simply not designed with ergonomics in mind.  Let’s say you are a ten minute walk away from a cocktail, a cab or a chaise lounge overlooking a mineral pool— Stilettos render even this modest distance insurmountable while permanently shortening our achilles tendons to the point that we need high heeled slippers upon (finally) arriving home. My solution?  Get some Fluevogs for goodness’ sake.

Fancy runners/active shoes: Are you fit to be wearing those outside of the gym?  Do you play soccer on a regular basis or do you just do all your errands in active wear?  According to my unofficial research in my years in the shoe industry, a man’s sex appeal increases exponentially if he is wearing nice shoes. Introduce coloured laces and a little shoe care product and women will be more likely to flirt with you over a beer/taco/coffee&donut/ live band and or computer buying excursion. Take note guys; it really is that simple.

You’ve probably heard of ‘boyfriend jeans’.  These unisex pants were the answer to our prayers: we wanted to live effortlessly and free of discriminating design. The show industry now offers a counterpart to boyfriend jeans.  Equally budget friendly, the ‘unisex shoe’ is a perfect 90’s spin off of a gender neutral fashion trend that satiates our desire to be unstructured and undefined. Many shoes now refuse to define themselves as either masculine or feminine. It’s comforting to know that we can now be comfortable walking without being defined by our assigned gender.

All this being said, quadruped shoes—a four-legged pet fashion trend, literally doubles our footwear options.  Jealous?  I don’t know about you, but I’d like to have the panache, the economy, and the opportunity to rock two pairs of my favourite shoes at the same time!

words:  Freni Waidelich (Miss Mates)
illustration: Freyja Zazu