in order to better support this poetry

habit bordering on obsession

i have decided to try my hand at exotic dancing


now, it may ruffle some to imagine

a poet marching their derriere across stages

flouncing their very best outskirts

and i’ll hem my bets that most

would rather remain on the periphery

to not get caught up in the rickrack

associated with such a marginal artform

thinking it borderline tragedy

but it’s important to remember

this is a non-binding agreement

there is no limit to the perimeters

we can work our magic anywhere

outside the edges we brim with potential


we no longer need to skirt the issue

the mane thing is to remain

on the brink of new and now

and so now, i find myself

on the verge of something different

on the verge of something exciting


look for me onstage

i may well be doing some poetry thing

but when it comes to the dancefloor

i shall henceforth be: David Tasselhoff


words by shayne avec i grec