Liver Free and Die Hard

Photo by Ilijc Albanese
Photo by Ilijc Albanese


I feel like we need to have a chat. We’ve been occupying this same space together for some time now, but I think if we are going to continue living together some serious changes are going to have to be made.

The way you acted during Beer Fest weekend was inexcusable. I understand that this is an important weekend for you and I respect that. If it would have just ended with Beer Fest I could have handled that. But you never can seem to call it a night. After Beer Fest it was shots at the bar, on top of even more beer and cider. Nothing is ever in moderation with you. Then while you sleep, gurgling through layers of cheese pizza caught in your throat, I’m left up cleaning the mess you’ve made.

Just a week later we have Rifflandia. I know you were excited about having an artist pass this year, but that’s no reason to act the way you did. You didn`t drink water for four straight days, or eat a vegetable for that matter. I`m just tired of following you around while you`re wasted, having to constantly act as your filter.

We`ve talked about this before and you always have your excuses; a birthday party, a friend coming to town, a concert, you just feel sad. I`m tired of nagging you about this, sometimes I feel like a broken organ, out of tune, droning on and on and on. I don’t want to be that person.

I miss the old Ryan; picnics with green tea and apples, starting out the day with grapefruit and a bike ride, candlelight dinners of salmon and brown rice. You just don’t seem to care for me like you used to. I’m sorry, but I’m going with Heart on this one. If this behaviour continues I’m going to have to harden up and shut you out.


Your Liver


words: Ryan Bangma

photo: Ilijc Albanese

Photo by Ilijc Albanese