March 2015 Horoscopes


There is a revolutionary energy in the air this month as Uranus in Aries completes a two-year cycle to square the god of death, Pluto, in Capricorn. Other eras when this aspect has been active have been 1967-1968, and 1932-1933. This time, rebellious Uranus joins forces with fiery Mars in Aries complemented by expansionary Jupiter in Leo coming to a nasty confrontation with Pluto. The time is ripe for creative disruption, rebellion against authority, the transformation of earthly power, and the emergence of unconventional leadership.



It’s time to take action. You’ve been waiting on the sidelines for too long, and now the world is questing for your exuberant, erratic and traumatic energy. Don’t hesitate! Strike the iron hot with newfound intensity and eccentricity.



The Revolution will be sexual. Sexy god of death, Pluto, comes into harmony with your ruler Venus in your sign at the end of this month. Now is the time when positive transformations happen in your relationship life. Grieve losses with tenderness, celebrate births with intensity.



The Revolution will not be coherent. You will be dismissed and told to “shut up.” The more they say ‘you make no sense’, the more you talk without conformity to the arbitrary criteria of concision, clarity, and coherence.



The Revolution will be clean and sanitary. The more a structure and system of dirt, infection and rot confronts you, the more meticulously you will clean yourself and your dwellings.



You may want matters to ripen more before you’re ready to revolt, but there is no time for that. Too much chaos demands too much action, with too little forethought. Demonstrate your leadership abilities by showing others how to fall apart in style.



Of course any revolution that begins with flatulence must be ducked, but does it smell any better inside? Help others by destroying the self that needs to help.



You ask, how can there be a revolution without an over-haul of our system of constituting our values? Your revolution is an evaluative rebellion. Everyone is bored of seeing you play the role of arbiter of the revolution. Could you act as vanguard this time? Is it possible to ignore distinction?



What frustration! Typically at the front lines of transformation, confronting authority and killing the potential change that you don’t want to see in the world, this is the rare time that you do not stand out. Everyone is a confrontational killer right now. What normally makes you special is now the norm.



Use that newly found treasure as a springboard to your revolution to conquer it and make it manifest your will. With expansionary Jupiter in Leo you will have all the capacities and pride to make it so.



Like your origin story, the myth of the Seagoat, you will have to watch the fates of those you care about unfold exactly as you fear. For you Capricorn, revolution is temporal and lays in manipulating the ways of others in a futile attempt to expand the present and contract the future.



Your sharp and calculating mind is automatically drawn to technocratic revolution and posits a neo-science movement. Hasn’t the technocratic revolution, aka the modern age, done enough damage? Where do you belong in an esoteric imaginary?



There you go again, “giving a fuck when it’s not your turn to give a fuck.” You will reflect, sympathize and mirror all the raucous love and hate of a 1000 disturbed souls. There is no revolution, only the proliferations of counter-angst produced by the old order.


Horoscopes courtesy of The Victoria Horological Society for the Science of the Science of the Different Zodiac Signs Through the Science of Horology.