October Long Horoscopes

Graphic by Freyja Zazu
Graphic by Freyja Zazu

All of analogue’s horoscopes are written by  Victoria Horological Society for the Science of the Science of the Different Zodiac signs for the Science of Horology.

Libra this fall is defined by the astrologically significant day of October 6th, when the Sun in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn; at the same time, Saturn enters Sagittarius and the Moon enters Aries. The effect of these influences is a forward-looking and impetuous energy that highlights the tension between two ways of living: the evaluative life and the assertive life. The evaluative life seeks to manage the conditions of “the world as it is” through observing, charting, and calculating — like a financial officer ordering everything through the accounting of a “balance sheet.” In tension with this way of being, the assertive life seeks to bend the contingencies of “the world as it is,” to transform it to satisfy judgment or private preference without regard to order or balance. The honest evaluative subject would acknowledge that the evaluative life is merely an assertion of a private preference. Nevertheless, all the signs will confront the nominal difference between the evaluative life and the assertive life, and face the question, “How do I govern myself and others without merely imposing myself (the assertive life) or manufacturing the modern myth of neutrality (the evaluative life)?”

Aries: This time of year is very uncomfortable for an Aries. The Sun is in your opposite sign, and that means your thoughts and feelings tend to be pre-occupied with the thoughts and feelings of others… Wait, what? How does that even make sense — others have feelings now? Nah, it can’t be true. All of this must be merely words.

Taurus: The full weight of this month’s tension may not be intuitively obvious to you at first, since you are used to having a strong sense of fairness and measure inform the workaday life you are so good at. However, this is an opportunity to reflect on where you (and others) have drawn your own constitutive borderlines: what have you forgotten or omitted as the condition of your self-confidence?

Gemini: Neither assertive nor evaluative, you are chatty and very nice. This makes you seem adjustable to those that want to position you in a particular way or draw you into their subjective private preference. However, you are much too confused and incoherent to be governed by these forces — and that’s not such a bad thing, is it?

Cancer: The question of how you stand in Libra begs reconsideration of your tendency to the expression of aggression repression. Your passive mode of enforcing the moral universe you select draws together the worst (or best?) of the evaluative life with the best (or worst?) of the assertive life. Cancers in this context are the closest to what a Libra with an agenda would look like: a non-neutral judge who uses their authority on the morals of the law to frame a personal agenda as a public agenda. That’s how you stand: You present yourself as the public good — now judge!

Leo: The last of the summer is finally over and now you can take rest from all the frivolity and work of re-defining yourself. It is time to take stock of your accomplishments. It may seem difficult at first, but the stars show the necessity of questioning your past justifications and evaluating your real achievements. Keep building, creating your exceptionalism, and living with the joy, pride and the brightness of the sun, without feeling the pressure for self-assertion or other-evaluation. 

Virgo: This month is your time to shine: the critical issues presented by the stars fall right into your sweet spot. As the arch-nemesis of both objective, universal, evaluative reasoning and assertive, idiosyncratic, egocentric, subjective aggrandizement, you intuitively realize that an alternate lived experience can be made possible, if one attempts to mediate or undermine both these tendencies. This month you have the venom to bring down any foolish eagle surveying too close, but also to the slither away from buffoon who thinks themselves too hot to trot.

Libra: Sometimes your birthday month is a non-stop holiday of constant happiness and pleasure; this year, however, it will only bring you more fret and concern, because nobody is interested in your assertions about the ‘proper evaluations’ of life. You could discover new fundamental rules governing space and time and no one would seem to care. You could even repeat the basic and time-tested social norms and this too would fall on deaf ears. Some counter-intuitive advice: have your birthday this year amongst only strangers in a foreign land, unable to communicate with anyone else. Given that you could never accomplish this feat, imagine how you might handle this predicament. Could you even be around others if they won’t be able to accept your universal proclamations on normative standards? 

Scorpio: Acknowledging your assertive approach is a transparent reminder that you do not always have to keep things and feelings slightly obscured to others. The honesty here is raw: your aesthetic impulse, your change, and your will is the transformation of relationships, and you are only playing out your own nature. It is all about you; and when you perform the hermeneutic of your own subjectivity, you will celebrate your connectedness (as opposed to neutrality), and cultivate your preferences through immediate, heated exchanges.

Sagittarius: You usually feel impatient when too much talking and measuring gets in the way of doing and asserting. Besides, isn’t there a danger in the paralysis of orderliness, in that our ability to meaningfully balance and evaluate is ultimately impoverished when the surface-optics of order atrophies our imaginations, and narrows our sense of the possible? You have a special aptitude to help others break out of ossified patterns, and sharpen this month’s existential tension into a productive one.

Capricorn: Sea-goats exhibit a lot of tension with this particular question: your relationship between “self-government” and relations with others is complicated by a belief that your experiences are particularly meaningful and an obsession to get high(er). As you dutifully climb (or “chase the koala” as some say), your sure-footedness tempts you to impose your deep-seated desire for control. But you should know better. Caution and prudence are horrible ethics, but for you right now they are serendipitous and effectual. This month find art in relationships, be open to new paths, and bend, transform, and contort yourself to the fetishistic contingencies of others. 

Aquarius: “How” is your favourite interrogative word these days. The question of “how” you stand in relations of governance with others in everyday spaces is for you merely a question of science. You will understand this science through an ideology of healthy competition between friends and enemies, which in turn will shape the technocratic way you govern yourself and others. But what if the ideology itself is wrong? What if there is another posture you can take that is more rewarding? What would that reward be?

Pisces: This is a month where all are asked to either be assertive in evaluation, or evaluative in their assertions. This is not for you to worry about — ignore those fools! If faced with demands for certainty or aggressiveness, simply say, “No thank you!” and wait your opponent out. There will be many uncomfortable moments for Pisces this month, but they will pass quickly for those with patience and more experience with long term cycles. Ignore those who demand immediate judgements, and instead focus on the relative value of the values being offered.

Graphic by Freyja Zazu

Graphic by Freyja Zazu