Sagitarrius Horoscope: 2015

Design: Freyja Zazu
Design: Freyja Zazu

What if we shared our perspectives more freely and passionately than ever before? Wouldn’t that be a good thing? Mercury is pulsating throughout Sagittarius this winter, and the swift-thinking planet of communication is going to offer Big Ideas to all. When Mercury squares Chiron on December 1st, we are going to learn some difficult lessons, and we may do better by unlearning some too. Liberal democracy and enlightenment reason has always sung to our hearts: “your opinion matters;” “speak your mind;” “express your voice;” “your individuality is as important as everyone else’s!” Isn’t this the basis of modern freedom, democracy and justice? Thought experiment: what if your ideas are actually the basis of violence and subjugation? Is it still a good idea to share them? In an era defined by ‘the will to speak’, the question for all signs in Sagittarius is: how can we unlearn our most noble lessons if they become deadly noble lies and delusions?

You are a master of unlearning, and when Mercury trines Uranus in your sign on December 1st, you will be the thought-leader that everyone looks to for teaching in the noble art of forgetfulness.

Can you work in modern conditions without being of them? Or is that just the emotional safety valve through which ideology preserves itself? Can a critical Taurus plow over and expose old truths sufficiently to let new ones grow?

Expressing your thoughts has always been a part of your core astrological being, not a construct of history, society and the conceptual apparatus of modernity. Since you never truly get the big lessons, it is less pertinent for you to unlearn them. You are not dangerous. It is safe for you to talk.

Silence is just fine by you. Secretly you have been quietly suspicious of the modern’s valorization of speech, opinion and the sentiments of our age in favour of the rhetoric of democracy. Rule by the many has never appealed to your inclination towards security and technocracy. That said, facing the unlearning of the noble ideas regarding morality and completion of humanity’s universal projects” is where you will double down and defend the enlightenment to the bitter end.

It would be prudent for you to keep your mouth shut this winter, lest the family holiday dinner table become the tournament grounds of unnecessary verbal jousting. Act like the king that observes sternly but silently from their throne, rather than the knight that bandies about looking to win favours.

You have always put so much stock into learning things properly, to speak intelligently, that unlearning seems to cast a sceptical shadow on all that you’ve done. Does this seem harsh? That’s why it’s called the “hard truth.” The good news is that you can finally give yourself permission to embrace impropriety and take delight in new perversions.

What a horrific thought experiment: withholding the exchange of
our Great Ideas from each other just because it might destroy us all. Is shared communication not our first species geni? We should never be blackmailed by our own truthful Thanatos. How could we adjudicate our progress through history? Or more importantly, adjust our trajectories to realize our telos? If you reflect, however, you’ll remember that communication is never reducible to language and that everyone can understand a great idea as soon as you move your hips.

This cycle is dominated by an over-active Mercury, and, ultimately, the teaching of great, generational lessons. For Scorpio, you do not necessarily like spanking yourself, but you do not mind being a tool or instrument in the breaking of someone else. Simply put, as Death, your voice always matters. The significant question is to whom are you speaking?

Unlearning lessons is one of your strong suits, but quieting
and repressing your Great Ideas is not. This month it will be much more pleasurable to you to accelerate the grain. Pay no heed to others when you exchange ideas; instead, incite and provoke them to explain their big thoughts while only using your language and lexicon. This way you can finally subjugate them with your grandiose plans and be able to fully acculturate them into your own fantastic reality. Teach them how to speak in your tongues!

This is a difficult reflection for Capricorns personally, but when presented with it as part of a disruption to the greater system it provokes tremendous Capricorn-interest. This month look to team up with Pisces to shake a Sagittarius to his foundation. Arm yourself with illusions and delusions and take the chance to inflict the type of learning that is remembered and assimilated into new bodies, forms, and ideas.

Speaking is neither listening nor thinking. There is no sense-based way to know at play here; and there is no “I think, therefore I am” moment from which to systematically deduce objective reality. For a method of unlearning, you must move beyond your deepest delusion: once we have enough right science for all matter, then all matter will be right and just. Your “will to discover” the master science is your most deadly self-assertion.

The hyper-expressiveness of others can be exhausting, not least because so little of it reaches beyond the usual platitudes and supporting blind spots. Your best stories both evade these dangers and can help trace alternate horizons, if you can stick around.

words: Victoria Horological Society for the Science of the Science of the Different Zodiac Signs through the Science of Horology (The VHSSSDZSSH)