Photo by Ilijc Albanese
Photo by Ilijc Albanese

We did it. We affected change. For once our apathetic generation took a moment away from our digital egos and participated in society, instead of snarkily watching it move along without us.

I should say that I am no politico. I’m not educated on all the facts, I don’t proudly wave any banners, and typically I don’t discuss politics with my friends. I have, however, voted in every election; federal, municipal, provincial, Canadian Idol, and other wise, since I was of voting age. I think it’s because my father, probably right after casting his ballot for the Reform Party, instilled in me the old adage “if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” For those of you who know me, or have read this article before, you know I like to complain with peanut butter, ‘cause that shit’s my jam.

In a generation that praises irony and insincerity it seems our last taboo is to do something earnestly and authentically: with the election, we Canadians did just that. We rallied the troops, we held each other accountable, we went out and voted, and it turns out it wasn’t so tough after all. And now that it’s done we can get back to not showing up, not caring, and of course– my favorite—we can get back to complaining.

I wanna complain about a Corn Maze I went to last weekend. Seriously, I usually dress like I just got off a hay ride, so I thought I’d look great in a corn maze. I figured this corn maze would also be great with peanut butter, ‘cause that shit would be my jam, as well. But if I wanted to trudge around, lost in a muddy field for hours on end, I would have become a farmer, instead of just dressing like one.

It feels good to be back.


words: Ryan Bangma

photo: Ilijc Albanese