The analogue Horology of the Zodiac Signs for June 2014


This horology is brought to you by The Victoria Horological Society for the Science of the Science of the Different Zodiac Signs Through the Science of Horology

Spring turns to summer as the sun moves from Gemini to Cancer. Mercury retrogrades in Gemini could have us turning over our minds and getting nowhere, and Venus lingering behind in Taurus should keep relations smooth despite it all. Enjoyments can be found where you least expect them, and leadership will mean standing apart from the crowd when Venus in Gemini sextiles Uranus in Aries on July 7th, provoking all the signs to question: Why bother resolving discord?

Aries: Whereas once you might have felt adrift in a sea of possibilities, now you can fix your mind on one, sail the ocean without going off-course, and arrive at your destination without second-guessing your grand plan. The journeys in the month ahead will take you to far distant shores of knowledge and experience, and there’s no coming back from where you are going. Lessons learned cannot be un-learnt, and bridges burned cannot be un-burnt.

Taurus: You laid down your rule yet the world outside your modest castle does not obey. Rather than fortifying yourself from disagreement perhaps just accept the discordant nature of the human condition. If it’s obedience you want, recruit Gemini lovers on the Internet through Tinder.

Gemini: The world is full of disunity and contradiction. Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn compels you to ‘fix’ this disharmony by nurturing the world like a parent and transforming it like a crafty devil. If only Apple had an app to resolve the discord of your own mind! Then the world might understand you and you could finally be successful. Is that the techno-fascism you want? Or are you just obeying a Taurus?

Cancer: You agree with the principle of Omar Little from The Wire that “a man’s got to have a code.” Omar robs drug dealers. Who do you rob? Move through Gemini with you claws out. There is no herd to protect, only scattered tide pools to enjoy.

Leo: You like to do things properly the first time, and this means finding the best guides, the right teachers, and knowing the correct method before starting anything. Well, that’s not going to work this month! Your own mistakes will be your best teacher, and no guide has been written for what you need to do. Don’t try to force a unity when chaos could serve you just as well. Sometimes disharmony can bring everyone closer together.

Virgo: Having too much pride in the things you know can prevent you from getting a handle on the unknown. New ideas might seem in discord with old beliefs but give them a try to see how they feel. You don’t have to believe in everything you think, but you do have to think through what you want to believe in. Cyborg lovers can’t be conceived any other way (and they’ll never conceive with that old attitude either!)

Libra: This month it may feel like everyone is asking for your advice, but nobody is actually listening to it. Could it be that they only want to know what you think so they can do the exact opposite? The answer is a resounding yes! But you still owe it to them and yourself to give the honest answer. A good friend does not hold their tongue when another friend is about to do something stupid. They tell them directly beforehand, and then say ‘I told you so’ for months after the fact.

Scorpio: You are all right with discordance. In fact, you often wield it decisively in your personal relationships, but not as a final solution. Pushing from below, you undertake discordance as necessary for wholesale changes in relations that are, in turn, necessary for the production of new relations. This is the willing change of a vibrant death that contains all of the necessary elements and conditions for success. The caution comes in serious consideration of the method and techniques of your changes, rather than employing the fallback explanation of ‘change for the sake of change’ as an ethic for your month

Sagittarius: Sagittarians more than most know how to find their next meal.  Chaos and confusion during this period provide the perfect camouflage for the savvy Archer hunting thrills, tricks and all things strange and queer. Enjoy your feast of weird before the force of Cancer attempts to end this time of beautiful discord.

Capricorn: The stars this month tell us that all of the conditions are queer, so this is a perfect winning time for you in arts, money, and love! Goaty-Capricorn doesn’t always get love but when you do it ranges from the depths of dark caves to the great heights of treacherous peaks. These journeys will be a time of learning for you and others through cruelty or an interruption of a nearly completed idea. Dangerous intimate connections present themselves in a scattered, vocal love with Gemini and a putrefaction ritual with Scorpio. Remember that what you splay into the world or contribute to the caput mortem is the essence of success.

Aquarius: Charlie is everywhere! How? A moment of contradictory truths appears. The specter of this paradox haunts the Aquarian utopia: pure science where all is consistent, cohesive, accurate and within functional parameters. Well, you’re moving through Gemini now. Welcome to your dystopia. Your natural enemies in the external world (imprecision, error, and not knowing) now take center stage. But with Mars moving out of retrograde in Libra this is just the tip of your enmity-iceberg. Your real battles grow deep in the self as contrary tactical maneuvers of the mind. Wars are internal. Fights are in the trenches of the psyche caused by antagonistic reflections of yourself in the annals of your own dreams. Dreams unfold into nightmares you only recall as scattered pieces of data. Vietnam is over yet discordant enmity is everywhere.  But is Charlie real now? Was Charlie ever ‘hiding’? You are Charlie. Acting discordantly with others is the best method for now.

Pisces: While everyone around might seem tense and uppity, you don’t need to join in their nervous energy. But you still need to be around them, and listen to them, and work with them, and maybe even love them. Use the conditions this month to try practicing an inward mental detachment while partaking in outward intimacy and emotional warmth. It may not feel natural to you, but the stars are calling on you this month to learn new modes of retaining your self while becoming deeply involved with others.  How can discord help you, and in turn help you to help others?