The Analogue Horology of the Zodiac Signs for May 2015


Through Taurus, April 20 to May 22nd, the Cosmos react conservatively to reconstitute Right in the wake of the revolutions and resurrections of spring. Historically some of the most iconic figures of notions of Right have been born around April 20th: Adolf Hitler, Immanuel Kant, Maurice Duplessis, and Napoleon III. The push to reconstitute Right will happen through patriarchal communication, the expanding pride of the psyche, and sending the children of elites to expensive private schools to secure their future. But all is not well for this movement. By mid-May, Taurus will face disorienting waters as the plains become flooded, when Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. In Taurus, all the signs will have to navigate this crossroads: is it a time to reconstitute obedience of the old, or to embrace the deluge of descending uncertainty of the new?

Should you fight for what you already possess, or rebel in order to obtain more? At this time missing appointments, forgetting your duties, or being negligent about your work commitments in any way will have greater repercussions than at any other time of the year. Beware, if you are not careful, you could be setting yourself up for more than you could possibly understand. It’s not that you don’t know any better, you might just be too distracted to notice the importance of what is going on.

There is a problem in the kingdom if the sacrificial lamb will not become your sheep and joyfully ask for your guidance. This wasn’t supposed to happen, things weren’t supposed to go this way, and you know it’s not your fault, but you might be the one blamed! Little brother won’t do what he’s supposed to, and instinctively you know that it’s the father’s fault, and you are the one caught in the middle. Don’t take this lying down: say something!

You lack the attention span for certainty or the astute analytics to foresee any risks ahead; ergo there is no crossroads for you to worry about, and no important decisions to be made. Venus in your sign will sextile Uranus in Aries, giving you the charm, energy and inclination to experiment in new exciting ways, and show off your new look to others. Do you remember that jingle you used to love as a kid, the one that reminds you of candy and good times, sing that towards the end of May and you’ll find that others follow you like the pied piper’s children

You have no need to reconstitute Right, you are adept at embodying your own concept of Right in murky waters. Although you may find yourself at odds with a partner, also consider that you could be at odds with yourself. Are you drowning in love, or delirium?

Jupiter in your sign is displaying your best qualities for all to see with ease and naturalness. But any strong efforts you make could be taken as showing off. Be humble. Don’t be the one with the most flair and the sweetest voice screaming complaints about what you once defended.

The question of which right to reconstitute this month, or which one to disrupt, is one that may have no easy answer. You don’t need to figure it out yourself, you may find it easier and more gratifying to simply make things work for others, and take pleasure in serving those that need your wisdom. Harmonize what others find difficult to integrate, and discard that which is holding them back. You should be acting like a Libra this month and that means your best interest is in balancing the interests of others.

This is a time of retreat and reflection. If things weren’t in order before, how could either a re-constitution of traditional right, or a decent into an ambiguous confusion of values make matters any worse? This is a time to be on your own, find solace at the top of mountains that whip with wind, or lose yourself in the cacophonic symphony of the ocean.

You’re looking better and feeling better than anyone else these days. Since the beginning of the year you’ve been a source of other’s envy rather than its victim. Life looks good at the top of the wheel, but don’t take it for granted because the wheel turns. Think mainly of how to help others now, so they’ll still be there for you later. “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine” makes sense for everyone else, but it can be a scary proposition for scorpions.

You are in a condition of onto-tardus (slow-being), every movement is sluggish in muddy water. For the first time in a long time, you’ve displaced your optimistic self. Normally this would be a time for you to revel in the possibilities at hand, in either the reconstitution of right, or the milieu of confusion, but Saturn in your sign activating the Pluto-Uranus square that is defining this period leaves you deflated.

Just when you thought you had it all under control, your own machinations to maintain that order you thought was your own self-preservation is now what will undermine you. You know that you have no one to blame but your own manipulative tendencies and habitual patterns.

Double down on this reconstitution of Right! It’s a more stable source of state funding for scientific research than anarchy. NASA was dismantled in order to create the conditions for a more profitable version scientific-industrial complex. If you submit and obey, you can proliferate the model and accelerate hi tech research.

Neptune in your sign creates the background condition of the confusions that overwhelm everyone this month, but you should feel right at home. Manage relations with emotional intelligence.

Horoscopes composed by The Victoria Horological Society for the Science of the Science of the Different Zodiac Signs through the Science of Horology